• Patchfeather14

    First things first, NightClan needs a MCA. Rockstorm the current medicine cat will be stepping down soon and blinded, then killed because he and Thistleleaf have a secret romance and kits. The apprentice will be Ravenstar's mate (since that's like part of the rules) Rockstorm probably won't have the chance to complete his training though since you know, he's gonna die. He and Raven will love each other, but I'm still debating on whether or not they'll have kits.

    Now that that's cleared up, my big idea.

    Well, it's not huge right now, but if I think about it and put stuff together for it, it could be cool. All right... so Ravenstar and her mate are assassinated and NightClan is leaderless and has no heir. (i'll get to the heir idea; if raven h…

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  • Diablo.

    Adoption Request

    January 21, 2018 by Diablo.
    Hi guys! Earlier this morning, well at least in my timezone, I made an adoption request for this wiki. To see the said request, check it out right here.
    As it states, I am seeking bureaucrat rights as our only bureaucrat is inactive. If the request is approved I'll be granted these and it'll allow our wikia to move forward and start prepping more for a larger user base. In terms of our staff team, until we get more editors and users it will stay as both myself and Mink. Afterwards, it'll definitely have to grow in case either of us become less active (at least in my case I have quite a busy year ahead of me).
    So yeah, this blog is really just a public announcement that I have made the request and what will likely happen following the event …
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  • Patchfeather14

    Love Plots

    January 19, 2017 by Patchfeather14

    i guess that's what we're calling it.

    I had an idea that Lavenderfrost could have a friend, and he falls in love with her and he is so sure she feels the same, but when he starts asking her about having kits one day, she tells him otherwise. So he kinda goes Ashfur. But doesn't hate her I guess...? anyway, he now he just stalks her, and tries to make her love him by doing stupid things, and then he realizes thats not working then decides that attacking her is what any normal person would do. so yeah after that he most likely gets exiled. but he probably still stalks her and is plotting her death.

    But while that guys being crazy, Lavenderfrost is also open to a real mate. I picture him being like Gray Wing from DOTC, or maybe Skystar? anyway,…

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  • Kasara


    May 10, 2016 by Kasara

    Hi guys. Long time no see. Yeah, it's been awhile since I've been on here. It's been awhile since I've been on any wikia, in fact. But - I made this blog to tell you I'm going to try my hardest to push through and become more active here. I won't be on here every day 24/7 like I used to be because of exams and personal things, but I'll do my best to get on any time I can. I just thought I'd make this blog to explain some of the reasons I haven't been on. If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to drop by and leave a message on my talk page. 

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  • Storkbork

    Still Alive

    May 7, 2016 by Storkbork

    so I haven't been active here yes I'm a slacker

    But life's v busy for me; there's two weeks of testing coming up and that's heck stressful. Plus there's been a lot of anxiety stirring in me, which hasn't been very good.

    None of this was caused by you guys. I've been stressed with testing and upset over my friendships with others.

    Just know that it's not anyone's fault that I've been inactive. Mostly it's just been because life isn't pretty for me. It hasn't been, especially recently. There's been all this cruddy stuff aimed at me, which makes me really offended. But none of it was you guys' fault. I don't know why a bunch of that stuff has been said, but it hasn't made me feel great at all.

    I'm sorry if I've missed things - please don't claim …

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  • Ospreypaw

    Anyways, sorry about the notice of me being gone

    college finals week, y'know it takes a lot on a person. So now that it is over with, whenever I'm off work I'll probably pop in and rp. 

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  • Minkclaw

    Silencing the Stars

    February 5, 2016 by Minkclaw

    Okay so I am writing a story on Riverstar's backstory and a part of it is that four other cats were taken with her after they got captured by Kittypets. She would be the last one to be taken. And how this works is if you'd like your character to have been taken by these twolegs then comment their name and whether or not their alive currently. Okay so as long as Ferk is cool with it I was actually wondering if Murk could have been taken as well. I'm going to have a patrol go save them, this control consists of TBA.

    Cats Taken
    1. TBA
    2. TBA
    3. TBA
    4. Murkfang
    5. Riverpaw
    Cats that Aided in Rescue
    1. Whinchatstorm
    2. Leopard
    3. TBA
    4. TBA
    5. TBA
    Note: They will not become Kittypets, it is similar to that of how the clan cats were forcefully taken in the series.
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  • Kasara


    January 29, 2016 by Kasara

    Okay guys.. bad news first. I've been informed that our admin, Beau, is leaving the wikia, and she wants her characters deleted as well. The leader she currently owns will be deleted, and the deputy will automatically suceed her and need to pick a new one. Same goes with all of her other cats. Good news is that I will be picking 2 new admins for the position, so please fill out a form like this if you'd like to be one: 

    Why do you want to be an admin? -

    Do you have any past or current experience? -

    Have you ever been blocked on a wikia? If so, why? -

    How active are you/will you be? -

    Do you promise to uphold the rules and follow them by heart, as well as help out any user that needs it? -

    Please answer these questions fully and honestly. Any unaccept…

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  • Diablo.

    Image Naming

    December 31, 2015 by Diablo.
    Oh, look, another blog post! So this one I'd like to state how the image naming should work on this wikia.
    First up, life images. Preferably they should be or , depending on the image type. If they are a kit, or an apprentice character, the cat's name may be their future name. But you can always ask an admin to rename the image for you anyway. This system is really just there to keep it in tune with the charart naming system.
    Now chararts. Here is a list of how each image should be named. Next to each one is the respective rank of said blank. Though some a pretty obvious anyway. Catname should be substituted for the character's current page name. As you can always ask an admin to rename said image for you. You can also name it the character'…
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  • Diablo.


    December 30, 2015 by Diablo.
    Hey so I just noticed while going through the recent images, and uploading my own that there has been a lack of using the categories. I'd just like to say that they are there so that this wiki can keep its images organized and neat. While I can't enforce this as much as I'd like to, I would for people to wary that we do have organized measures on this wikia.
    So here is a very quick guide to the categories used here.
    • , is given the category Category:Adult Images and nothing else.
    • Life Images - This one should be self-explanatory. Once you upload your cat's life image, just quickly pop this category onto it. It's really just there so that its organized, and for people who like to look through them sometimes.
    Also, I'd like to mention that our c…
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