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Current StarClan
Past ShadeClan
Kit Gorsekit
Age Approx. 2 moons (0.16 years) at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Illness
Debut ShadeClan Archive II (mentioned)
Last Post ShadeClan Archive II (mentioned)
Father Sootfur
Mother Lilyheart, Loachpelt (foster)
Sibling Unnamed kittens
Mate None
Kits None
Owner Max

Gorsekit is a dilute calico she-kit with green eyes. She was a young kit of ShadeClan before her early death due to an illness that swept through the Clan. Her parents were Sootfur and Lilyheart, and she was apart of their first litter.



Gorsekit is quite a small individual. She was born nearly a week premature, and the circumstances of her birth may have had an effect on her growth. The young cat has quite a round and oddly proportioned body as she is still growing. She's hit that awkward stage where most of her body is all legs and she's quite prone to tripping over stuff too. But of course, since Gorsekit is still a young kitten her body is quite prone to change as she matures. She has a thin and short coat, more like her mother than her father.
Now, she is considered quite the oddity when someone makes a comparison between Gorsekit and her parents. This is due to Lilyheart's white pelt as underneath she obviously had the traits to make her daughter a dilute calico. So, Gorsekit has a grey and cream pelt and the cream sections which appear quite large and chunky, for the lack of a better word, have darker tabby markings on them. The white markings on her pelt mainly are seen on her underside and muzzle. What is very interesting about Gorsekit is that her eye colour came in quite quickly and it is a stunning green colour, much like the pine needles of her Clan's home.



Gorsekit was born to Sootfur and Lilyheart of ShadeClan, however, her birth was very difficult as she was very overdue. Her mother and an unknown amount of kittens sadly do not survive, and Gorsekit is left in the care of her father. Lucky for her, she was fostered by the only other nursing queen at the time, Loachpelt. Loachpelt took her in as her kits weren't due for a few weeks at the time.
The ShadeClan deputy grew attached to her foster daughter, however, sadly, a few months later Gorsekit falls ill. A strange illness sweeps through ShadeClan and Gorsekit is amongst the casualties. Gorsekit was supposedly buried close to where her mother and siblings were buried after her father sat a long mourning period for his only daughter.



Sootfur: Living


Lilyheart: Deceased; StarClan resident


Unnamed kittens: Deceased; residences unknown


Cinderfang: Deceased; StarClan resident


  • She is a carrier of the longhair gene.
  • Her coat colour is considered an oddity in ShadeClan due to the ginger/cream parts of her pelt.
    • Most ShadeClan cats are black-based cats while she and her mother are not.


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