It was late evening over ShadeClan territory, the moon was beginning to rise and set a silver glow over most of the dark pine trees. Inside the Clan camp which remained hidden and left in the dark sat the Clan's young leader. Spiderstar. It had been a few moons since her appointment as leader, but, she had settled into her new role well. The Clan had started to thrive under her dark amber gaze. The large cat sat perched outside her den that sat high above the main camp. Next to her was her faithful deputy and friend, Loachpelt. The two had been talking about Shellpaw's progress. Spiderstar was impressed with her trainee's progress and was looking forward to her ceremony and she could tell that her friend was too. The pair had been through a lot together and faced a few hardships that tested their bond but, here they sat in charge of ShadeClan.

Spiderstar got to her paws and started to move down the 'steps' back to the main clearing. She muttered over her shoulder that she was going to the nursery to see how the kits were. That was one duty the large leader both loved and hated at the same time. She didn't mind kits, no, she was expected to one day have her own. But, some just annoyed her and got on her very short nerves. The large leader continued on her way to the large den. A few of her soldiers turned her way but looked away and continued with their tasks. Good, I don't want a Clan full of lazy flea-bags. max Speed. I am speed. 05:25 Wed Jan 17 2018

"Here it comes!" Ashkit squeaked as she raced forward, unaware of the young leader headed their way. "I got it, I got it!" She cried, jumping up as she tried to hit the moss ball that had flown into the air. Darkkit rushed past his sister, easily pawing the ball of moss back to the nursery. "Ha! You'll never be a warrior if your slow!" He called, racing past the large leader with his tail streaming behind him.

Swallowstep's litter, around the age of Darkkit and his litter, were growing quickly. Quailkit, the largest of the litter was a bit smaller than Horsekit and Darkkit. "Mam, I want to play too." The smaller of the litter cried. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 05:38, January 17, 2018 (UTC)

Spiderstar stopped in her tracks to avoid nearly stepping on the kittens. She took a deep breath, like her mother taught her to, and continued to find the litter's mother. She soon located Waspwhisker and sat across from the queen. The leader's eyes were unintentionally narrowed as she watched the kittens out of the corner of her eye. She also saw Swallowstep with her kits too, making a mental note to talk to the other queen too. "Evening, Waspwhisker. How are the kittens? All healthy?" The black leader asked. max Speed. I am speed. 05:47 Wed Jan 17 2018

Waspwhisker dipped her dark tortoiseshell head. "Very, with a ton of energy as well. They're growing at an amazing rate as well. Well, all except Nightkit. He seems to be stunted in his growth for now." The young queen said. Swallowstep chuckled as she motioned for the kittens to head into the nursery where she sat in her nest with her legs tucked as they raced around, hopefully getting rid of their energy for the night. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 05:54, January 17, 2018 (UTC)

"Well, that's no good to hear about young Nightkit," Spiderstar commented. "We'll have to keep an eye on him and make sure he hits a growth spurt before he earns his new name," the large leader began turning away before speaking over her shoulder. "I don't want weak blood in my Clan, Waspwhisker, and I sure hope you understand there will be consequences if your son disappoints me," she said in a low tone, eyes narrowing. Waiting a moment, the leader then turned her attention to a tired looking Swallowstep. "Swallowstep," the leader nodded her head curtly to the queen before asking how her litter was doing. max Speed. I am speed. 05:59 Wed Jan 17 2018

Nightkit lifted his gaze to his mother and the leader, the young tom gave no hint that he'd heard he simply just gazed at them. He broke his gaze away and headed to the nest he shared with his mother.

Swallowstep greeted the large leader with a nod, "Spiderstar." The tabby queen said, waving Quailkit and Aspenkit over. Asenkit only a head smaller than her larger sister. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 06:08, January 17, 2018 (UTC)

The black leader watched the two kittens and saw that they looked relatively healthy. "I assume these two are due for their traineeship the same moon as Waspwhisker's litter?" Spiderstar asked. She made a note that these two litters would be the first trainee's she would name as leader, just as Shellpaw would be the first soldier. max Speed. I am speed. 06:12 Wed Jan 17 2018

Swallowstep nodded. "Yes they are, Spiderstar." The queen said softly, her gaze meeting Spiderstar's respectively. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 06:23, January 17, 2018 (UTC)

"Good," the leader muttered. She looked down at the family before her. She noted that Swallowstep's litter seemed larger than Waspwhisker's litter and that made the dark leader pleased. We need strong kittens for they are the future of this Clan. Spiderstar said nothing more and took her leave from the nursery, not before tripping on the kitten's moss ball. With an irritated growl, she turned to see where the kits were so that she could scold them. max Speed. I am speed. 07:30 Wed Jan 17 2018

Darkkit battered at Horsekit with his paws, an excited squeal leaving his mouth. "Before you know it I'm gonna kick your rump. I'll be the best warrior yet!" I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 07:32, January 17, 2018 (UTC)

"Kits," Spiderstar growled at the litter playing. She was hoping to grab their attention so that she could tell them off for being careless with their playthings. The large leader couldn't help but spare a glance to her deputy who was watching from her perch. Spiderstar knew that her friend was probably laughing at her. max Speed. I am speed. 07:35 Wed Jan 17 2018

Waspwhisker called her kits forth. "Come on, in the nest. The night patrol will be back shortly." Darkkit jumped excitedly. "Father's with them tonight!" He yipped, his excitement barely contained. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 20:22, January 17, 2018 (UTC)

Spiderstar had returned to her den to sit with Loachpelt and talk about the deputy's daughter. They watched as the night patrols returned, both border and hunting. On the hunting, it consisted of Thistlefur, Cinderfang and a few other cats while the border patrol had Nightpelt, Sootfur and Shellpaw, who had gone out to gain some more experience. Sootfur headed towards the nursery to talk with his expectant mate while the other warriors hung about and chatted amongst themselves. Shellpaw decided to find her mother and so headed towards the leader's den. max Speed. I am speed. 03:21 Sat Jan 20 2018

Mapleheart sat, her gaze on the night sky completely lost in her thoughts. Her eyes closed for a moment, thoughts of what her future would hold. Would she settle down? Would she somehow prove to Spiderstar and the others that she was worthy of a title as a soldier. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 05:21, January 20, 2018 (UTC)

Thistlefur was heading back to the main den when she accidentally bumped into Mapleheart. "Oh gosh, I am so sorry! I wasn't watching what I was doing," the tabby she-cat rambled to the ginger cat. She noticed the absent look the other she-cat had and asked, "hey are you alright?" max Speed. I am speed. 05:23 Sat Jan 20 2018

Mapleheart stumbled a bit. "Oh-uh yeah. Just lost in thought." She glanced at Thistlefur. "The night patrol's back I guess." She said with a slight smile. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 07:04, January 20, 2018 (UTC)

"Yeah, we just got back. Not a whole lot happening out there seems like the cool weather is keeping the other Clans away," Thistlefur told the ginger she-cat. She had been right though, the only scents the patrol had found were from other animals such as bears and foxes. Nothing suggested the other Clans were making a move to their territory. The 'senior' soldier had heard the stories of old where the borders were practically bathed in blood due to past leaders. While she had her suspicions about Spiderstar, the tabby she-cat would never voice them. No, she wouldn't dare for if what she thought about the leader was right, she wouldn't make it to her next moon.

In the nursery, Lilyheart was excitedly talking with her mate, Sootfur about their future litter. "Oh Sootfur, I hope there are more than one, I want a big family," the expectant queen whispered to her love. The soldier purred in agreement, "Just you wait sweetheart, they'll be born soon and then ShadeClan will rejoice with the beauty of our kittens." This made the white she-cat hide her face in his chest out of embarrassment. Ah, young love. max Speed. I am speed. 21:39 Fri Jan 26 2018

Bumblefern and Nightstorm worked their way through MoonClan's territory, soon they'd arrived in the famed ShadeClan territory. "I wonder where their camp is." The black warrior commented. Bumblefern shook out her brown-grey pelt. "Maybe we're close. I wonder if we'll see their leader. Spiderstar. I hear she's scary looking!" I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 21:45, January 26, 2018 (UTC)

Amongst everything at camp, Shellpaw had managed to talk her mother and Spiderstar into a stroll through the territory. Spiderstar had to hand it to her apprentice, she was very good at convincing others into doing things. The three cats used this as a chance to relax, both leader and deputy needed and they both got to spend time with each other without talking about Clan politics. Life was good. Shellpaw simply wanted to be with her mother and well, aunt sort of. The trainee had always thought of Spiderstar as family, and the leader had never corrected her so they all went with it.

A fair way into their stroll, Loachpelt picked up the scent of enemy cats. "Spiderstar, there are intruders in the territory," the torbie told her friend. Spiderstar exhaled in a way that seemed somewhat dramatic - she had a flare for that. "Right, find them and if you do bring them to me," Spiderstar responded. The three of them split up, and by the mercy of StarClan the intruders better hope that they run into the deputy or even Shellpaw. max Speed. I am speed. 21:53 Fri Jan 26 2018

Nightstorm breathed in, the faint scent of ShadeClan cats and something odd. A badger maybe. "What do you suppose a badger smells like?" The crunch of sticks alerted them.

"What do you think your doing?" The ginger warrior hissed. Antheart. Behind her was Duskshade, both wore a expression of anger. "You're breaking the code. Trespassing in ShadeClan territory. Do you know what Spiderstar will do to you if she finds you? Death." Duskshade said lowly, scenting the air. He stiffened. "Stand behind us, a patrol's near." I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 22:03, January 26, 2018 (UTC)

With no luck, the three had met up again and decided to stick together. Loachpelt had scented badger and immediately wanted to make sure her daughter was safe. The deputy flashed a look of concern at Spiderstar, but, the leader being who she was, pressed on. Determined to find these intruders and rid the territory of them. Not far away, the leader heard hushed voices and started heading towards them. Shellpaw hung close to her mother, and Loachpelt reassuringly pressed herself close to her daughter to say, you'll be safe between us.

Pressing through the undergrowth, the ShadeClan cats soon found their intruders. "MoonClan," the word left Spiderstar as if it was made of rotting freshkill. The leader stood tall against the intruders. "What do you fleabags think you're doing on ShadeClan territory? Is being close to your Star Ancestors not good enough so you've decided to come and brave the real legends?" Spiderstar sneered. Loachpelt had taken her place next to her leader and in front of her daughter. The deputy didn't want violence to come of this, but, she knew that it would be the price these MoonClan cats had to pay. max Speed. I am speed. 22:11 Fri Jan 26 2018

Antheart kept her mouth shut, the old she-cat wasn't sure she could fight but if she had to so Nightstorm and Bumblefern could get away she would. The shuffling in the bushes not far from them alerted Duskshade to the badger. Before he could warn any of the cats of it, the badger wobbled from the bushes straight towards Antheart. The old queen was too slow, old from age and aches, to defend herself in time. She battered backwards into a tree. "Antheart!" Nightstorm darted to her mother's side. Duskshade was still where he was, battling the badger in fury. He'd have to try to talk the battle-heavy leader from harming Nightstorm and Bumblefern. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 22:40, January 26, 2018 (UTC)

The ShadeClan cats watched as the badger took out the MoonClan elder. Loachpelt turned to her daughter and told her "run Shellpaw, go back to camp and get help," before turning back to see what Spiderstar would do. Shellpaw ran and didn't look back, she just hoped that they would all be safe, even the MoonClan cats if she had to be honest.

Spiderstar growled at the badger, the fur along the arch of her back raising up. Next to her, Loachpelt did the same to try and scare the lumbering animal off. Loachpelt had her doubts that even her best friend could take on a badger, or at least was smart enough not to do it. Spiderstar however, had that look and basically threw herself at the creature. The black leader, while reckless, didn't seem to be doing too bad. Until it caught her in the tail, the badger's teeth tearing at it. The leader let out a loud yowl, trying to get away. All she needed was someone else to grab the badger's attention so she could get away.

After all, she still had to punish the MoonClan cats for trespassing and leading a badger into their territory. If she wasn't getting her tail split in half, she'd be slitting someone's throat right about now. max Speed. I am speed. 22:50 Fri Jan 26 2018

Duskshade ducked, spitting at the badger angrily. He knew it was unlikely he'd get out alive, much like his deceased mate he wanted his children alive. He'd be willing to sacrifice himself. He leaped onto the badgers back, distracting it from the black ShadeClan leader. In all honesty, he'd only seen a badger once. It sure as hell wasn't on the moor they lived on. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 22:58, January 26, 2018 (UTC)

The amount of relief the leader felt when the badger let go of her tail was immeasurable. Spiderstar, took a quick moment to catch her breath and steal a glance at the damage on her tail, before taking a few quick swipes at the badger. Loachpelt continued what she was doing and watched the other MoonClan elder as he fought bravely. The deputy had to admit, she was quite impressed. Eventually, the badger gave up and with a few more warning strikes, the two groups of cats successfully drove it off. The torbie she-cat, once she saw the animal lumber off, went to check on her best friend. Spiderstar's tail was kinda gross in all honestly, and they both knew when they got back to camp, Sparrownose would have to deal with it.

But, before she could do that, the leader turned her attention back to the MoonClan cats. "Now, I'll ask again, what did you think you'd gain by coming into my territory and attracting a badger?" Spiderstar's voice was slightly strained due to the pain, but, her eyes were narrowed and she was pissed off. max Speed. I am speed. 23:08 Fri Jan 26 2018

"I meant no harm by it, Spiderstar. I came to retrieve the two young warriors who thought it was smart to disobey the code." He shot a warning glare at Nightstorm and Bumblefern. The two were hunched by their mother's body. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 23:17, January 26, 2018 (UTC)

"Hmph," the leader looked at the older cat. Spiderstar then cast a quick glance to the younger warriors and then back to the tabby in front of her. "Duskshade, was it? You know that trespassing on ShadeClan comes with a price and yet you took that risk to save their hides. That makes you more idiotic than them combined," Spiderstar spoke harshly. "Perhaps the smartest thing you could do would be to pay their price for them. Let them take their mother home and bear the news that cats who trespass on ShadeClan territory run the ultimate risk of life or death," she continued. max Speed. I am speed. 23:26 Fri Jan 26 2018

"When it comes to it, a parent would do almost anything for your children." Duskshade said, he glanced at his children briefly. He lashed his tail tensely. "Let us go, they're young. It's not like they're stealing prey." He said, bravely. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 00:30, January 27, 2018 (UTC)

"I'm afraid I can't do that," Spiderstar looked the elder in the eye. "ShadeClan are honourable cats in our own ways, and if I were to let you and your children return to MoonClan I would be letting my own family's safety be disregarded. It also shows to me, that I'm not a worthy leader of my Clan if I can't uphold my ancestor's virtues." The leader explained, her face was practically void of emotion. The pain in her tail had dulled as the bleeding stopped, now it only hummed in the back of her mind as she spoke to Duskshade. "Now choose. Will I be taking the life of an elder, who has lived his life, fought for his Clan and had his own children? Or will I be taking the life of a young warrior who still has their life to give for their family and Clan? Make the wise choice now, or I will not show this mercy again." The black leader spat the last part out. max Speed. I am speed. 01:32 Sat Jan 27 2018

How was any of this right? Duskshade stood there silently. He would give his life for his children any day. "Nightstorm, Bumblefern, take your mother's body and leave. Now." The tabby Tom said cool, meeting Spiderstar's steely gaze. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 01:39, January 27, 2018 (UTC)

Spiderstar watched the warriors leave and she returned her gaze to Duskshade. "Good decision, elder." The leader remarked. At this point, Loachpelt had left, she couldn't stand to watch her friend kill in cold blood. She knew it was wrong, but, like Spiderstar had said, it was a part of ShadeClan culture so she could not argue with it. Spiderstar glanced at the tom. "Do you have final words, to make peace with those you'll be leaving behind? If not, it'll all be over just as quickly as it could've been avoided." max Speed. I am speed. 01:44 Sat Jan 27 2018

Duskshade was silent, of course he had words but not for her. They were words for when he'd be reunited with his already deceased mate. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 01:48, January 27, 2018 (UTC)

Spiderstar took his silence as an answer. Without remorse, the she-cat slit the elder's throat cleanly. She watched as he died, staring at the body before turning away to catch up with Loachpelt. The black leader had never done that before. It was the first time she had killed in first blood, and if she had to admit it, the feeling was good. The rush of adrenaline in her ears as her claws connected to the tom's throat burned into her mind. She was a born killer it turned out.

She soon caught up with Loachpelt, and then the patrol that Shellpaw had amassed. Spiderstar explained to the cats, Pheasanttail, Cinderfang and a few others that a badger had attacked them. Her tail ached and she knew she'd have to make a hasty return to camp in order to treat it so she instructed her soldiers to remove the deceased MoonClan cat out of their territory to remove the threat of predators. The soldiers moved off and Shellpaw walked back to camp with her mother and aunt. max Speed. I am speed. 07:45 Sat Jan 27 2018

Darkkit stood with his siblings, they had recently turned five moons and it wouldn't be long before they'd be apprenticed. Darkkit was hoping Spiderstar, herself, would mentor him but he knew that was a long shot. That didn't mean he wouldn't be like her. He'd train his hardest to get her attention, to show her how good he was. -- Cardinal flight nodded. "If you'll excuse me I think I might take a walk." Of course, she more or less planned on training in the training hollow, better her skills. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 19:55, January 27, 2018 (UTC)

Thistlefur nodded and bid the ginger she-cat farewell as she decided to rest for a while. Spiderstar and the other two had returned to camp and headed straight to Sparrownose's den, and oh boy, the medicine cat was not happy. "Do you realize that badger could've taken your tail clean off? It's amazing you didn't lose a life over this, Spiderstar." That was a nice summary of what the rest of their afternoon was like, as the four cats continued to explain what had happened out in the territories.

Meanwhile, Cinderfang and her former apprentice were currently removing the MoonClan cat's body from their homeland. The older she-cat was breathing hard and stopped to catch her breath. Pheasanttail cast a worried glance over to her, but, she shook him off saying she'll be fine. After a few moments, she was ready to go again, but, her chest felt as though it was on fire. Pheasanttail stayed in front, to keep a watchful eye for the badger, but, really he should've been watching Cinderfang. The she-cat toppled over and the pain in her chest was too much and after a few erratic breathes, she stopped. Her former apprentice ran over and called out her name, but, there was no response. With a sorrowful look, the tom bowed his head before looking up at the night sky. He was now to return her body to camp so that her kin and the Clan could mourn her loss. max Speed. I am speed. 20:25 Sat Jan 27 2018

Mapleheart made her way from camp, the thought of training, if bettering herself, the only thing on her mind. Soon she arrived to the training hollow, night had already come. She spent the first few minutes stretching out the soreness of her body before she began working on her stealth attack techniques. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 21:40, January 27, 2018 (UTC)

It had been a few nights following the ceremony to honour Cinderfang's life and service to ShadeClan and there was still a sombre mood hanging around the clearing. Spiderstar was angry that one of the Clan's eldest soldiers had died cleaning up one of her messes, and she could see the hate in Sootfur's face when the details of his mother's death were made clear. The black leader knew he would be smart enough to stay away from her, but, by her ancestors, she hoped he was smart enough to stay away from Pheasanttail. She had a suspicion something would arise between the two toms over Cinderfang's death, but, all she could do was wait to see if her gut was right.

Spiderstar had other things to worry about instead of a petty squabble waiting to happen. She knew that Waspwhisker's litter was due to be made trainee's but, she felt as though they weren't ready. Save for a couple of the kittens, but, she knew it had to be done. It was just a matter of picking the right mentors for them. The black leader let out a sigh of annoyance as she tried thinking of who to pick for which kitten. She felt Loachpelt stir next to her in the den, and the leader hoped she hadn't woken her up. Spiderstar also had to make Shellpaw a full soldier too and she would make that happen before these kitten's were made trainees With a huff to end her train of thought, the leader turned over in hopes of having some sleep. She had been having nightmares for nights on end since her encounter with the MoonClan cats, but, she wasn't sure why it had had this effect on her. max Speed. I am speed. 22:04 Fri Apr 13 2018

Swallowstep had just lied down with her kittens, Aspenkit and Quailkit. Despite their disputes, Swallowstep always seemed to manage to resolve it at the end of the day, although it seemed like Aspenkit was jealous over how Quailkit got more attention. The tabby queen let sleep take her under. Nightkit, however, sat outside the nursery. He knew eventually if he couldn't prove to Spiderstar that he was good enough to be a soldier, they'd make him leave ShadeClan forever. Maybe.. maybe that was what he needed to do? He could leave the night after his trainee ceremony? Join MoonClan or NightClan, they all had to be better than ShadeClan's tough rules. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 08:13, May 22, 2018 (UTC)

Shellpaw couldn't sleep, much like her 'aunt', but, she dealt with it by wandering around camp. Upon her wander, she saw the small frame of, who she thought was Nightkit. I could never be a leader, not in a hundred lives - too many names to remember! The pale tabby wandered up to the young tom to see what was the matter, "Hey little man, what's wrong? Can't sleep?" If she had to be honest, Shellpaw had no idea what to say - she'd never really was in a place to talk with anyone because she's the only trainee. She also felt that because of her mentor, nobody would talk to her. max Speed. I am speed. 08:17 Tue May 22 2018

Nightkit looked up with his deep amber eyes, when he looked up he was staring at a beautiful grey-brown tabby. "Oh uh hi, Shellpaw. I mean its nothing. I think Spiderstar thinks I'm too small or weak to be a soldier but... what if she's right?" He asked in a small voice. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 08:31, May 22, 2018 (UTC)

"Honestly? Don't believe a word she says, Nightkit," Shellpaw answered him. She took a seat next to the younger tom. "Would you believe me if I told you that she said the same stuff about me? To my own mother?" The grey-brown tabby looked at the black cat. "I think it has something to do with how she was raised, if I think about it. She lived in a different world than us, so maybe its just her generation's teachings?" max Speed. I am speed. 08:55 Tue May 22 2018

"She thinks I'm too small." He paused for a minute, looking up at the stars. "I can barely beat my littermates when we play. They crush me." He said sadly. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 09:08, May 22, 2018 (UTC)

"Don't worry about them, buddy," Shellpaw nudged him softly. "If it helps, I might be a soldier by the time you become a trainee, and maybe Spiderstar will let me train you? Would that make it easier? We can show the world! It doesn't matter if you're small!" max Speed. I am speed. 09:14 Tue May 22 2018

"What if... what if I'm not meant for ShadeClan?" He asked. "What if I have to leave?" He seemed scared about it but that seemed his best option. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 09:19, May 22, 2018 (UTC)

Shellpaw turned to look at the young tom as he spoke. Well, she didn't know how to respond. It showed as she hesitated with her words, "Well, if that's what you have to do, then that's what you have to do. If it feels right, then its probably meant to be." The grey tabby got to her paws as she saw her mother and 'aunt' emerge from their den. Spiderstar might be doing those ceremonies soon, the young cat thought. "Nightkit, if you have to leave, leave now. It'll only get worse if you hesitate." max Speed. I am speed. 08:48 Wed May 23 2018

"N-Now?" He asked, fear entering his voice. "B-But I don't know the territory. What if I get lost or..." He trailed and looked up at her with wide amber eyes. "H-How will the other Clans know to make me a trainee?" I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 08:56, May 23, 2018 (UTC)

Shellpaw gently nudged the tom. "I'll show you, just please keep up." The grey-tabby, trying to avoid her family seeing her, waited for the tom to follow along. "If you stay, Spiderstar was planning on taking you on as her new trainee. I heard her talk to my mum about it, so I think its best if you leave before she becomes your mentor, Nightkit. The other Clans are different, so you will need to learn their customs, but, for now, worry about getting out of ShadeClan territory." The apprentice continued for a bit. "I can't come with you the whole way, but, you'll need to hide your scent when you leave ShadeClan." max Speed. I am speed. 09:00 Wed May 23 2018

"Are you going to tell everyone I left?" He asked softly. The solid black tom came to his tiny paws moving to follow the pale tabby apprentice. His ears flicking to the nursery and the warriors den where his mother, father, and siblings slept unaware of him leaving. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 09:07, May 23, 2018 (UTC)

"I wouldn't dare," Shellpaw turned to face him, her blue-green eyes meeting his amber ones. "Now, I know this sounds gross, but, you're gonna have to roll around in the permafrost. The earth scent should hide the ShadeClan smell." She turned to look behind her quickly before looking back. "I have to go back now, Nightkit. But by our ancestors, I hope we meet again." max Speed. I am speed. 09:13 Wed May 23 2018

"Thank you, Shellpaw. I hope we meet again soon." He said with a small smile. When the tabby disappeared once more he rolled around in the permafrost and hurried forward. By the change in scent he figured he had just crossed into the territory of MoonClan, by the look of it. The moorlands ahead told him the same. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 09:22, May 23, 2018 (UTC)

By the time she had reached camp, Chellpaw felt a sense of regret. What happens if Spiderstar finds out? Did I just send Nightkit to his death? She hadn't looked back once until she got safely to camp. Upon entering she was greeted by her mother, who promptly started washing her face. "Shellpaw! I swear you are getting more and more like Spiderstar by the day! Look at you! You're all muddy, and right before you become a soldier!" Loachpelt fussed over her daughter. If it wasn't obvious, the deputy was over the moon that her only child was about to become a soldier, it made her heart swell. After a little more fussing, she sent Shellpaw on her way as she returned to her post next to Spiderstar.

The black leader stood high above the Clan as she called out that she was about to start the ceremonies. She waited as cats gathered below. She had seen her friend absolutely smother Shellpaw and she tried hard to not show her amusement. I remember Nightstar doing that to me and Pheasanttail all those moons ago, she recalled. max Speed. I am speed. 09:29 Wed May 23 2018

Waspwhisker had woken shortly after Nightkit had left, at first she thought he had been outside the nursery. He normally was, he spent more time thinking than anything else. She had squeezed from the nursery to find Nightkit gone and his scent was faint, leading from camp. Had he been taken? A hawk? Something else? "Nightkit's gone!" She wailed, Nightpelt was quick to join the queen.

"Perhaps he left," the brown tabby queen spoke softly to her denmate. Waspwhisker met Swallowstep's gaze sharply. "He would never do that! He belongs here, with his family." I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 09:39, May 23, 2018 (UTC)

Loachpelt sat at the same level as the Clan, and while her attention was on her daughter, she had heard the voices from the nursery. She decided to go investigate and at least let the queens know that a meeting had been called. The torbie deputy caught word that a kitten had gone missing; Nightkit. Oh by our ancestors, she thought. "Waspwhisker, before we go any further, I need you to take deep breaths." The deputy told the queen; the meeting and Spiderstar could wait for now. max Speed. I am speed. 09:42 Wed May 23 2018

Waspwhisker paced restlessly, panic radiating from the tortoiseshell's pelt. "He would never leave, he loves his family." Had he been exiled because he was a runt? Spiderstar would never. Nightpelt spoke this time, his tail resting on Waspwhisker's shoulder to calm her. "We should immediately send a patrol after this meeting Spiderstar wants. I can lead one." He said, glancing at the remainder of his kittens. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 09:57, May 23, 2018 (UTC)

Loachpelt watched the two cats as they talked amongst themselves. She didn't want to but in, but she was glad that they made a move to attend Spiderstar's meeting. I'll ask Spiderstar to send out a patrol once she finishes her ceremonies... That's if she wants to send out a search party. Loachpelt had heard first hand her friend's lack of confidence in Nightkit, and while the deputy couldn't blame her, she herself couldn't find it in herself to agree that the kitten was 'useless or weak'. As she made her way back to her spot, she watched diligently as Spiderstar began the meeting.

"Today, we come together to celebrate the coming of age of some of our youngest Clanmates. It is with great honour, that I ask Shellpaw to stand before me," the black she-cat watched as the younger cat passed through the gathered cats. "Shellpaw has trained hard these past few moons, and it is today that I name her a full-fledged soldier of ShadeClan. Shellpaw, do you so promise to uphold the Warrior Code, and the traditions of ShadeClan, even at the cost of your own life?" The grey and white tabby below nodded her head, her eyes gleaming with pride.

"Then, I shall gift you your new name to signify you've completed your training. Shellpaw, you are from this point onward, known as Shellheart; in honour of your loyalty and courage shown in the name of ShadeClan," Spiderstar finished speaking to watch as cats cheered on the new soldier. She honestly couldn't of been more proud herself and as she cast a glance towards Loachpelt, she could see that her friend was over the moon.

"Now, I ask that both Waspwhisker and Swallowstep's litters step forward," the leader waited while the cats sorted themselves out. "You have all reached six moons, and are ready to begin your training to become future ShadeClan warriors. Today you earn your new names, Darkpaw, Horsepaw, Ashpaw, Aspenpaw, and Quailpaw. You are now trainees of ShadeClan and your mentors will be Loachpelt, Loonpelt, Thistlefur, Pheasanttail, and Mapleheart." With that, the ceremonies were done. Spiderstar began trekking back down to main clearing to congratulate Shellheart properly and more personally. max Speed. I am speed. 09:03 Sat May 26 2018

Darkpaw beamed proudly, his tail held high. He'd gotten the deputy as his mentor! While Darkpaw held excitement, the rest of his littermates were bunched up together before their mentors with worry, for Nightkit of course. Aspenpaw and Quailpaw, however, couldn't be more excited. Finally apprentices!

Waspwhisker lashed her tail, almost impatiently. Nightkit should have been made an apprentice! Now he couldn't, he wasn't here and that upset the queen greatly. Nightpelt brushed his shoulder against his mate, in a comforting gesture but even he knew that wouldn't help. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 10:16, May 26, 2018 (UTC)

Spiderstar made her way over to Waspwhisker and Nightpelt, Loachpelt was by her side. "Sorry about making your litter trainees, I wasn't aware that Nightkit was missing. Loachpelt only had the chance just then," the leader looked at the two soldiers. "You two, me, and we'll take Shellheart too, that's the search party you're getting ." Spiderstar lashed her tail as she went and grabbed the new soldier, then she was ready to go. If it wasn't obvious by how blunt she'd been, it was clear that the leader thought it was a waste of time looking for this kitten. max Speed. I am speed. 02:33 Sun May 27 2018

Nightpelt lay his tail on Waspwhisker's shoulder. "Come on, let's go." The black tom said, the tortoiseshell queen nodded and stood to follow her mate. The two were set to follow Spiderstar. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 11:00, May 27, 2018 (UTC)