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Current ShadeClan
Soldier Thistlefur
Age Approx. 63 moons (5.25 years)
Status Living
Debut ShadeClan Archive I
Father Unknown tom
Mother Owlfur
Sibling Sparrownose
Mate None
Kits None
Apprentices Lilyheart, Blackpaw, Ashbreeze
Owner Max

Thistlefur is a brown tabby and white she-cat with amber eyes. She is an older soldier of ShadeClan and is the littermate to the Clan's healer, Sparrownose. During her service to ShadeClan, the she-cat has mentored Lilyheart, Blackpaw, and Ashbreeze.

She is described as a loyal soldier, but, she has problems with the obvious societal differences between herself and her own brother. Thistlefur, however, isn't known for going against her leader's word as she is much more of a sheep than a wolf.



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Thistlefur is said to embody much of her mother's spirit. She is a cat loyal to a fault; she knows that the scale of morality is not just black and white. The she-cat has a very strong sense of what should be right and what should be wrong, perhaps an opinion and character trait better left to a cat, not of ShadeClan. It is safe to say that she struggles with the concept of the way her Clan is run, thinking that it is too old-fashioned. Thistlefur believes there should be more equality in the world and this defines the way she does act in her day to day life.
Her only major character flaw is her mind. Thistlefur isn't afraid to speak up for injustices against her kin and closer Clanmates. She isn't afraid that she might be executed for her treasonous thoughts because she isn't afraid. Now, she won't go against her leader's word as she much more of a sheep than a wolf. However, she makes it known that her displeasure is apparent. Thistlefur believes her loyalty is likely more aligned to her Clanmates more than the leader. But, she wasn't named for her loyalty at all so who knows truly what this cat has stored away in her head. She is an outwardly kind and helpful member of her Clan and doesn't slack off, it just isn't in her to do so.


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Thistlefur makes her roleplay debut returning from a hunting patrol consisting of herself, Cinderfang, and a few other unnamed cats. As she is walking back into camp, the tabby runs right into Mapleheart without realising. She apologises to the she-cat, saying that she wasn't watching where she was going. However, Thistlefur notices the absent look on her Clanmate's face and asks her what's wrong. The ginger cat states that she was just lost in thought before going onto note the return of both patrols. Thistlefur states that they had just returned and that there wasn't a whole lot going on. She notes that it was possible the cold weather was keeping the other Clans away for the time being.
The she-cat then has her thoughts narrated, stating that she had heard stories growing up that the borders were bathed in blood almost constantly. It is said that the tabby had her doubts and suspicions about Spiderstar, but, that if she voiced them she wouldn't make it to her next moon.
Later on, Thistlefur becomes the mentor to Ashpaw, who she mentors right throughout the young cat's training. Soon enough, she sees her become a warrior. It is mentioned that the older she-cat is quite proud to have mentored the spirited young cat, and wishes her well.



Owlfur: Deceased; StarClan resident


Sparrownose: Living


Adderclaw: Deceased; StarClan resident




Thistlefur is only able to recall her mother from stories other cats have told her. Owlfur passed away when her children quite young and due to this they barely remember her. Thistlefur is no exception to this. She does, however, aspire to be like her mother, a deputy of ShadeClan. This ideology of becoming like her mother has definitely inspired the cat that she is today. Despite not knowing her mother, as sad as that sounds, Thistlefur wishes she could know her and at least meet her and talk.


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