i guess that's what we're calling it.

I had an idea that Lavenderfrost could have a friend, and he falls in love with her and he is so sure she feels the same, but when he starts asking her about having kits one day, she tells him otherwise. So he kinda goes Ashfur. But doesn't hate her I guess...? anyway, he now he just stalks her, and tries to make her love him by doing stupid things, and then he realizes thats not working then decides that attacking her is what any normal person would do. so yeah after that he most likely gets exiled. but he probably still stalks her and is plotting her death.

But while that guys being crazy, Lavenderfrost is also open to a real mate. I picture him being like Gray Wing from DOTC, or maybe Skystar? anyway, lavender is werid about falling in love but they'll work it out.

Okay, now for Marshwhisker. He's a big softy and is scared that other cats look at him. So i kind of want him to get a girlfriend who admires him and helps him become used to having his scars and being seen with them. (p.s he might become a bitter blackstar one day. because he looks like him and i like blackstar)

Next is Turtlepaw. She has kits soon after becoming a warrior and dies from blood loss. I don't care what his personailty is. They'll only have two kits.