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{{Bronze Grade}}
|current = Link to their group/clan
|past = If applicable, link to former group/clan
|ranks = List of the positions held, separated by <br>
|names = List of names corresponding with ranks, separated by <br>
|age = Number of moons (Approx. Number of years)
|status = Living or deceased
|death = If deceased, include cause of death
|debut = Link to the archive where they first appeared in roleplay
|last = Link to the archive where they last appeared in roleplay
|father = If applicable, link to father
|mother = If applicable, link to mother
|siblings = If applicable, links to siblings
|mate = If applicable, link to mate
|kits = If applicable, links to offspring
|mentor = If applicable, link to mentor
|apps = If applicable, links to apprentices
|owner = Link to your userpage}}

===Life Image===